Learn The Secrets of The Top 2%

For Freelance WordPress Developers.

This is the official playbook to making it in the world of freelance WordPress development… Strategies they don’t teach you in school and are only learned by years of hard work and costly trial and error.

Save time, money, and frustration and learn from some of the top WordPress developers in the world… those in the Top 2%.

What is the Top 2%?

It is NOT just another book on “how to sell”.

It is NOT about using slimy, dishonest tricks to charge more money – yet these secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE clients and money than you’ve ever experienced before.

It is NOT about increasing the number of hours you work – yet these secrets will increase your earnings MORE than working 2 jobs.

The Top 2% is a Shortcut

Being over-worked and under-paid are symptoms of many freelance WordPress developers and it’s a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news).

Inside you will find the actual playbook I created after engaging with hundreds of top performing WordPress developers around the world. You now have access to all of the strategies and processes that they use to land more projects, earn more money, and have less stress while being in the top 2%.

"Great read, the author's depth of knowledge in the field is apparent, worth reading for any WP developer."

Liam Bailey

Senior WordPress Developer

Inside Of This Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given…

Where to find clients: It’s a lot easier than you think once you understand they’re hiding in plain sight. I’ll show you exactly where to start looking — Chapter 1

What to say to prospects after you find them: There’s a specific way to build rapport and credibility with people the moment you meet them online or in person — Chapter 2

How to increase your conversions to PAID projects: It’s not about trying to “sell yourself” and instead using a system of focusing the conversation on the client — Chapter 3

How to charge more while delivering more value: It sounds hard, but it’s actually quite easy to charge more when you understand how to deliver more value. I’ll show you how — Chapter 4

Understanding how to get better at pricing projects: Are you tired of pricing projects too cheap and working too many hours over what you quoted? Stop wasting time and money by learning how to better price your projects and the psychology of why you’re worth it and the client will pay it — Chapter 5

Finally learn how to price troubleshooting tasks: There’s a specific method to managing client expectations so they’re happy to pay you to look into their issue and you’re no longer working for peanuts while chasing bugs — Chapter 6

Deliver your price to the client the right way: Do this wrong and the client will say “Adios!” Do this the proper way and they’ll quickly understand your worth and gladly pay for your help — Chapter 7

Discover how to land the BIG projects like a pro: There are a couple of ways to land these bigger projects and I’ll show you the strategies top developers and agencies use — Chapter 8

How would you like to reduce and even PREVENT scope creep? Preventing scope creep is possible and it all begins with the proposal and understanding how to manage clients throughout the project so they aren’t confused into thinking everything including the kitchen sink should be included without paying extra. I’ll teach you what some of the top WP VIP Agencies use to eliminate scope creep and how you can use it as a freelancer too — Chapter 9

Discover how to finally become pro-active with finding more work, without relying on clients coming to you: Stop waiting around hoping clients will contact you with more work. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and learn the proper way of contacting them and become a welcome guest instead of an annoying pest — Chapter 10

It’s all in the delivery: There’s 7 specific steps to delivering projects that let’s your client know you were worth every penny and watch them walk away smiling — Chapter 11

Time to maximize your revenue on every project you touch: Stop leaving money on the table and start ethically earning more money from every single client you work with. Become the doctor prescribing the solutions your clients desperately need, even if they don’t know it yet. — Chapter 12

Are you ready to have predictable income every month? Imagine knowing every month that you have a certain amount of money coming in like clockwork. What would that do for your stress levels, knowing your rent or mortgage payment is covered, your car payment is paid, your kid’s tuition is there… every. single. month. Learn how to ramp up this new revenue stream inside Chapter 13

Not every email to clients needs to be a sales pitch: But watch sales come in by using this secret strategy that almost nobody else uses. And it’s so covert, clients won’t even realize it either, but they’ll be asking to give you money — Chapter 14

Ready to become the authority expert? People get paid more for who they are than for what they do. I’ll show you how you can become instantly credible and an authority on any topic and watch doors open that were previously closed — Chapter 15

Get paid from multiple sources when working with a single client: Did you know it’s possible to earn money from multiple places, even when you’re only working with a single client on a single project? I know a freelance developer earning an extra $30,000 per year using this strategy and I’ll share it with you inside Chapter 16.

Work smarter, not harder: Where and How you work is vital to being productive and having less stress. It’s time to get serious and get off the couch (literally) — Chapter 17

Mental health is nothing to joke about: It can be stressful working with clients in any career, but working freelance can be extra taxing on your mental well-being. Know who to reach out to when things start getting rough — Chapter 18

As You Can See There’s A Lot We Cover In This Book…

The Question Is, Are You Ready To Join The Top 2% And Become Part Of The WordPress Elite?

"The Top 2% spoke to me because I've started a few businesses in my day and the one thing nobody is ever honest about is how they got their clients. Everyone makes you think it was magic. But you gave a very good outline for someone stating out. And it was exactly how I got my first clients so I could relate."

David Gaz

Bureau Of Small Projects

About the author.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve been helping people with their WordPress websites. Starting as a consultant talking to clients and business owners, I would take time to understand what challenges they were having and help them find solutions. Then I would help them implement those solutions using WordPress.

Starting in 2015, I joined Codeable.io, which is the world’s largest online marketplace for connecting the top 2% of vetted WordPress developers with clients around the world.

During this time, I’ve been helping to support both clients and our developers, who we refer to as experts, and I’ve personally resolved more than 41,263 conversations.

This has given me a unique insight into not only working alongside and helping our developers but also learning from them what works and what doesn’t. Now I want to share everything I've learned with you...

David Papandreas

"Quick to read and to the point, ‘The Top 2%’ distills time-honed actionable advice that will help you on the journey to better, happier clients and more fulfilling work."

Tome Pajkovski

Senior WordPress Developer

Learn The Secrets

of The Top 2%

Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle format.

Begin your journey to a more rewarding freelance lifestyle today.

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